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Since the industrial revolution, engineering and technology have had a profound and ever increasing effect on the products and services that business offer, and the processes by which they are produced. And now, engineering and technology has begun to affect the manner in which business is conducted. Information technology is driving new business concepts including e-commerce, m-commerce, virtual enterprises, and mass customization, technological growth continues at an explosive rate, and, as it does, commerce and technology become ever more intertwined.

A fundamental understanding of business, entrepreneurship, technology, and how they fit together, will be a prerequisite for success in the future global economy. Organizations now seek new forms of competition based on cooperation, often pooling physical and intellectual resources to speed up the profitable design, development, manufacturing and delivery of products and services. These changes in the marketplace demand new capabilities, which can only come with the combination of engineering, technology, entrepreneurship and business innovation. The International Conference on Business Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Engineering 2013 (ICOBIEE 2013) is designed to provide participants with this essential perspective.


Creating A Sustainable Future: The Role of Business Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Engineering


The objectives of the conference are as follows:

• To discuss the role of business innovation in enhancing the value added in entrepreneurship

• To discuss the opportunities for the students to venture into commercial enterprise.

• To get network and to explore possible commercializing and business formation.

• To critically discuss how university innovation education can develop entrepreneurial communities.

• To share knowledge and experience between the academicians and entrepreneurs to meet the needs of the market.





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