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Penang Island - A Special and Unforgettable Travel Destination

It's amazing that the turtle shape Penang Island which is located in peninsular Malaysia has many great things to offer. Famously known as "The Pearl of Orient", Penang has long been one of Asia's greatest travel destinations.

For centuries, The multi-faceted personality of Penang are famously known for her multiple places of attraction, exotic heritage, mysterious temples & lots of palm-shrouded beaches - that makes it truly a special & cozy travel destination.

Penang Island are bless with the warmth of their multi racial society comprising of Malays, Chinese, Indians & others. It's amazing to know that the community there are able to live together for so long in harmony & respected of each others religion despite the differences in their races. So, if you're a westerner & happen to be with community, don't worry! - I can bet that you'll be treated & accepted like a friend or a family and not like some weird and funny people.

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